We bring the steel to a point where it cannot be bent.

IMAC Molds

You can easily use our molds in the machines you will buy from us.
Our machines can be completely customized.

We have been working on molds since the day we founded the company.

Compared to others;

The others

  • They don’t have time for R&D.
  • They don’t spare much time.
  • Sometimes they make millimeter changes to reduce the price of raw materials.
  • If the mold breaks, you are to blame.
  • They are not friendly after the sale.
They only care about selling the product.


  • We don’t leave the heads of our mold makers.
  • Five minutes before I wrote this, I was designing molds.
  • You already pay for it, we design it according to your needs.
  • If the mold breaks, I’ll send you two new ones (if you can prove you didn’t throw it off a cliff)
  • Our home is your home, our work is your work.