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IMACBLOCK produces high-quality brick making machines, paving stone machines and concrete batching plants, crushing and screening plants. Subsequently, IMACBLOCK attaches importance to the fact that its machines can always be upgradable.

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What is a Briquette Machine?

The machine that produces briquettes with vibration and press by pouring the briquette mortar prepared by mixing sand, gravel, cement and water in a briquette machine mixer is called a briquette machine.

How Does a Briquette Machine Work?

The briquette production mortar is prepared in the concrete mixer and transferred to the machine with the concrete transport system. The mortar in the machine is poured into the briquette mold and takes the shape of the mold. The product is produced by compressing the mortar in the briquette mold with a vibrator and high pressure. The produced briquettes are taken to the stock area and dried. The next day, the briquettes produced are collected from the production pallets and the production cycle is resumed from the beginning

How Many Groups Are The Machines Divided Into?

Briquet Machines are diviced into three different groups according to their automation and functioning.

  • Full Automatic Briquette Machine
  • Semi-Automatic Briquette Machine
  • Manual Briquette Machine

How to Choose a Briquette Machine?

Customers who want to produce interlocking paving stones together with briquettes will prefer double-bucket machines. In double-bucket machines, paving stone production is of higher quality, but also colored production can be made.

Briquette Machine Prices?

Briquet machines pricaes vary according to the daily production amont of the machine, the automation system and optional side parts.

Second Hand Briquette Machines

Our company buys and sells second hand machinery. It maintains, repairs and overhauls old parquet-briquette molds and machines. It also helps people who want to sell their machine.

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Full Automatic briquette-paving stone-concrete block-curbstone machine, all movements in the machine are machines that are made with sensors over the PLC system. Machines that minimize manpower allow you to get maximum efficiency in production.) (Full automatic briquette-paving stone-concrete block-curbstone machine to get the best efficiency from a fully automatic facility. You need a mixer, a concrete batching plant.With an automatic facility, you can produce 10,000 to 18,000 briquettes in eight hours per day.

Full Automaticbriquette-paving stone-concrete block-curbstone machine equipment mainly;

  • Full Automatic briquette-paving stone-concrete block-curbstone machine
  • Front briquette-paving stone-concrete block-curbstone stacking robot
  • Rear pallet decoiler
  • briquette-paving stone-concrete block-curbstone collector robot
  • Automatic Mixer

Semi-Automatic briquette-paving stone-concrete block-curbstone machine is a machine in which an operator controls the machine via the control panel. It is the type of machine preferred by our customers who want to establish a low-cost briquette factory.) (Whether you can use an automatic concrete batching plant or briquette-paving stone-concrete block-curbstone or a semi-automatic one among the machines. If it is the most preferred facility model;

  • Semi-automatic briquette-paving stone-concrete block-curbstone machine
  • Mixer
  • Aggregate Bunker
  • Aggregate conveyor belt
  • Concrete conveyor belt

Depending on the types of semi-automatic briquette-paving stone-concrete block-curbstone machines, there are different if more production is aimed, automatic machines should be preferred.

Machines that can produce a maximum of 1000 briquettes per day. Except for vibration, all movements in the machine are made mechanically with human power. The biggest advantage is that it can be easily carried mobile and can work with 220v electricity.


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