Our fully automated facilities for our customers at the top of production are at your service with 24/7 365 days operation guarantee.
(Until the power goes out.)

Whats different?


Fully automated production

Fully automatic briquette stone machines, interlocking paving stone machines, curbstone machines, hollow stone machines have fully automatic production power.


Change the molds

You don’t always have to press the same stone. You can change your molds quickly without affecting your production performance. This is how we design machines.


Use the robots

Your fully automated plant is delivered by default with all our robots included. Watching the conveyor belts can be hypnotizing.


Earn time / Earn money

The biggest advantage of this series is that you can produce in a fully automated way. Manpower does not determine the upper limit of the machine.


For large facilities

Depending on what you produce, you can produce from 28,000 to 40,000 gems per day. How? Get in touch now and we will explain.


24/7 support

We are always there for you. We have 24/7 live support, regardless of country, and we are committed to providing solutions to your software/workspace like an angel.

Fully automatic facilitys?
Let’s get this right.

We want this to be understood correctly, so let us explain it to you in a remarkable way. How does it work?

Fully automated plants are the least manpower-intensive plants compared to manual or semi-automated plants, and the main purpose of these plants is that you can produce 24/7, 365 days a year. Of course you need uninterrupted electricity and some big, empty space (for your products.)

We also have a super big (Probably) team that you can contact in case of any malfunction, this team is here to help you.


Years Of Experience

As Baysal Group, we have been operating under the roof of IMAC
(Ex name Stonymac, BAYSAN) for 32 years.


Completed Projects

We proudly present IMAC-Q21 as the 106th machine we have completed.

FAQ Page

Manual block making machines prices can changable for your production capacity and your operations. For real price list, get an offer or contact us.

If you know the capacity of your machine, its quality, how it is produced and what type of materials it is supported with, you can contact us to get detailed information.

Manual block making machine molds prices can changable for your product types.
Get an offer or contact us.

One More Question?

Let us know, if you need some help and didn’t find an answer to your question.

Why did we produce this series?

We saw (I think) people using manual machines all the time. So we didn’t want people to use machines, so we wanted to leave everything to the machines. Even if the machine is manual, we continue to work every day to reduce manpower to zero. (Unfortunately, humans are currently producing our machines.)

When we analyzed the market, we saw that our competitors were doing various activities to discredit us (using wood instead of steel (Probably)). This made us sad, after all, it is not worth ruining your day for five dollars.

We have built the series directly for our partners and customers who have not already bought a machine from us. We can even buy your machine and deliver you a more accurate machine. As a result, you get a price reduction. This is what makes us who we are.

We are here for you.